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Skin Care Ingredients EXPOSED

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This ebook exposes the good and bad ingredients often used in most skin care products. Not all ingredients that exist are listed here but the ones that do the most harm and do the most good are. The purpose of this book is to help you to look carefully at the skin care ingredients you are putting on your skin. There are some product ingredients that claim to "fix" a certain skin condition but potentially cause more harm than good. Some are a waste of money but some are well worth the investment.

I hope this is the start of "opening" your eyes to what the skin care industry is doing for you or against your skin health.

REMEMBER THIS: "Every time you apply a product to your skin, some of the active ingredients ultimately make their way into your blood stream. So you are effectively eating them."

Here you will find out what to put on your skin and what to avoid. Enjoy SKIN CARE:EXPOSED - Margaret Bell 

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