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 5 Reasons Why You Benefit By Thinking Positive

Having a positive outlook isn't the easiest to do.  Our enemies doubt and negativity can occupy our minds, especialy when the odds seem to be against us or failure appears likely.

 Are You Being Tortured by the Fear of Success

You are probably not a stranger to the subject: fear of failure. You may even be worried about failing in certain areas of your life. But you may be a stranger to the term, fear of success.

5 Reasons it is Very Hard to Break Bad Habits

Breaking bad habits is hard, even though we know we should. It seems that even though we understand we must change negative behaviors, sometimes this is very difficult to do. Why is that? There are many reasons why breaking bad habits is difficult, and 5 of the most common are listed here:

What is Mindfulness?

 Being mindful can have health benefits on a psychological level. But, before delving into that, first let’s find out how the technique of mindfulness works.

How to Make Your Social Life Better

Improving your social life means thinking short term. Start with baby steps. If socializing scares you, fills you with anxiety and dread, or otherwise gives you cold feet, don't expect to change the problem overnight.

Are You a Real Impostor or Just Have Impostor Syndrome?

Successful people in all walks of life often feel like they are going to get "found out", with everyone around them one day realizing they are not the successful achiever they appear to be. If you have experienced this, you could live in constant fear of people discovering you don't deserve the wealth, career, success or job you currently have.

5 Reasons NOT to Compare Yourself With Other People

 This article will cover 5 reasons why you shouldn’t compare yourself to others in order to shed more light on the negative impact of falling prey to this emotionally dangerous trap.

How to Make Decisions When the Results Are Not Important

 Have you ever been asked to make a choice when you didn't really care about which way your decision led? This happens all the time.

8 Habits of Organized People

Organized people are not born that way. They use a variety of tools and methods to help them get and stay that way, including these

5 Ways to Get Stress Relief with Relaxation Techniques

Stress can take a massive toll on your life, so try to implement one or more of these relaxation techniques into your self-care schedule to both prevent and treat stress.