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 Depression - The Simple Basic Facts 


DEPRESSION Simple Basic Facts


Chapter 1: What is Depression? 


Chapter 2: What Causes Depression? 


Chapter 3: What Are Symptoms of Depression? 


Chapter 4: Who Gets Depression? 


Chapter 5: How is Depression Treated? 


Chapter 6: Depression Diet – Foods to Eat – Foods to Avoid 



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DEPRESSION – Its Ups & Downs is a book about Simple Basic Facts on what depression is and what may cause it. It also covers the symptoms and some ways it can be treated. It even suggest that certain foods and supplements may help fight the condition. Never give up hope. Find the joy in life and live it. Not medical advice.  Always see your health provider for guidance.

Simple Basic Facts on DEPRESSION: A Simple Basic Book


DEPRESSION SPECIAL REPORTS - This report is meant for those who have considered seeing a doctor about depression or anxiety and for those who are bothered by the side effects of anti-depressant or anti-anxiety drugs.

It is not meant to encourage anyone to stop taking prescribed medications. But learning about possible natural alternatives is optional and important.