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8 Habits of Organized People

Organized people are not born that way. They use a variety of tools and methods to help them get and stay that way, including these:

1. They have less stuff - It stands to reason it is easier to stay organized if you have fewer things to put in order.

2. They use simple solutions – Complex solutions make organizing harder to do. Instead use systems that are simple to use. For example, a coat hook on the back of the door for your jacket and a basket on your desk for your car keys.

3. They keep things organized – Once organized, they take the time every day to keep it that way. What is no longer needed gets thrown out. This refers back to #1 in that they have fewer things to keep organized. This in turn leads to more productivity, less stress and money saved.

4. They never put something off until the next day – Organized people do something the instant they see that it needs to be done. They live by the motto “Never put off until tomorrow what can be done today”. In doing so, they now have created time tomorrow to do something else that may unexpectedly pop up.

5. They capture and contain – To stay organized, everything must have a place and everything should be in its place. Not only does this make for less clutter, you always know where to find something when you need it – it is in its place.

6. They chunk like tasks – In the case of emails, instead of checking them three or four times each day, they set aside a chunk of time and take care of them once. What can be actioned, gets done. What is needed for later, gets filed. What is not needed gets trashed. By handling something once, it saves time of having to go back again and do it later.

7. They are creatures of habit – Organized people have daily routines. For example, they typically do A, then B, then C. At the end of their day, they have a routine also. Having set patterns of work creates less stress, keeps the area organized and neat and saves time.

8. They like lists – To stay organized, they use lists extensively – prioritized lists. Task A gets done before task B. As each item gets done, it gets crossed off or removed the list. If some things never get to the top of the list, they obviously are not important and get eliminated from the list.

It is hard for unorganized people to get in the habit of organizing their life and possessions. However, organized people are made and not born, so it is something that is in the grasp of everyone. They just must want to learn how to do it.